lancelot_force (lancelot_force) wrote,

So, I'm alive. Fancy that.

Where have I been? Sitting at my computer all the damn time. Doing what? No no no, not that. Japanator has launched, though. Go check it out now, as I'm proud of it, and I'm hoping it'll really take off after a while. We're also giving away all the english volumes of the Ouran High School Host Club manga. I encourage you to all tell your friends and anime/manga clubs about it, 'cause we need traffic to get advertisers, and advertisers make a happy Brad.

Anyways, other than that, schoolwork and jobs have been hectic, and I seem to never have a quiet day. Even now, I'm working on Destructoid's media kit to send out to companies.

Ugh, well, feel free to find me on AIM or GTalk and say hi. No real time to post here -_-
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