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Ugh. So, it looks like I've got a C right now in American History. This especially sucks since I was originally going to be an American History major (now planning on East Asian history). It's sort of a vicious cycle: Since it's an intro course, and I already know the material, I don't try hard. I have other classes which require a lot more attention (like Modern Korea), and so I focus energy on that. In the end, it ends up that I get really punished by an overly-critical TA. He keeps criticizing me on my essays, which I'm actually pretty good at normally. Hopefully I can turn things around with the paper on My Lai -- whenever that gets assigned.  That's what I hate about a class that just has a participation grade, midterm/final, and 2-3 essays.

This is so problematic because my parents are critical of my grades. Last semester was a 3.6. Here's how it could possibly end up for me:

Film Noir (3):  A
TRF 255 (3):  B+
Japanese 4 (4):  A
Modern Korea (3): A-
American History 2 (3):  C
PHI 107 (3): B

And with this, I'd end up with about a 3.2-3.3. I have a pretty good feeling that this won't be acceptable at all. So, I'm hoping to bring up American History, and if possibly, Philosophy. TRF midterm is later today, so I hope I do well on that.

God, I was hoping I wouldn't have to worry horifically about my grades. Well, I guess that dream is down the drain. And you know what? This won't be my fault for trying to prioritize my classes -- it'll be my fault for spending time on Destructoid. So, most likely, my parents won't hear any of it and just forbid me from doing stuff for them. I already got to miss out on GDC and Miami, and will be missing out on PAX and probably TGS -- what more is there to take?
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