lancelot_force (lancelot_force) wrote,

Friday morning, my parents had Dakota put down. I didn't find out until about a half hour ago. My parents wanted me to enjoy my weekend, and I'm thankful for that. Dakota had been sick, as he kept losing weight even though we'd feed him more food. There was no sign of cancer, but there was definitely something wrong with his intestines. They said it looked like there was a thickening of the lining in them. Thankfully, I didn't have to see him as he was this past couple weeks. He had increasingly bad problems with bladder control, and sometimes defecating in his room at night. From the lack of nutrition, he had experienced pretty bad muscle degeneration, so my dad actually had to pick him up in order for him to stand. For the past week, he hadn't eaten any food. Even for this photo, I hadn't been there to see him. God, this is going to be hard to return home for Thanksgiving.

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I'll miss you, puppy.
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