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The Social Welfare Agency

Section 2

9/20/06 09:53 am


Brad = angry

I realize that I'm going to be getting a lot of hate from what I posted, and I've just got to deal with it. For the most part, I'm dealing with idiotic fanboys. I pretty much set myself up to get attacked with this post, but at this point, I really don't care. I just wanted to say "fuck you!" and use the STFUAJPG graphic. Now, my goals are complete. At least I'll attract plenty of traffic with this, now that I think about it.

9/12/06 12:54 pm - SLASHDOT FTW


Holy shit. I made it onto Slashdot. This is completely unbelievable. Also, a first for Destructoid. The traffic predictions expect 3x Dtoid's normal traffic. Go me!

9/10/06 08:38 pm


If any of you happen to be on Digg, please Digg it:

9/10/06 10:16 am

I didn't think the Bleach dub was too bad. Rukia's voice actor was good, but as I thought, she needs to be gruffer. It just seems to be something that American voice actors can't get across properly, without sounding fake. Ichigo would be just fine...if his balls dropped, first. Again, needs to go down a decible and add gruffness. And what the hell was up with the next week's preview? I don't remember it ever being like that in the anime >_> Anyways, here's to the next episode...

Oh, and no way in hell I'm actually making an icon. Oh, silly photoshop key at home...

9/8/06 09:56 am - 2 articles, this time!


In case you were wondering, Nou Kaifuku translates, roughly, to "Brain Remedy". Whoot for Japanese-English Dictionary at 1am.

So, now that I have a little time to relax, what will I be doing?
-Trying to get Nintendo to talk to me. Right now, their PR company will, though.
-Going to an interview on Sunday for Telefund. Yay, I get to be an SU telemarketer!
-Make an LJ icon, mayhaps? >.>

9/6/06 09:44 pm

God, my head wants to explode today.

It's more a buildup of the past couple days. I've been having trouble getting a couple issues of the Wall Street Journal this week, so I'm worried about the content that I've missed. Classes have been draining a bunch from me, especially Neuroscience and History of Modern Japan. Both of those classes have a lot of dense reading. Also, I've been continuing working on that translation (I'm almost done, I swear!). I've been meaning to sit and write a letter to Mayu. I'm working on an article for Destructoid, as well as prepping for an interview with Nintendo and Sony. I'll try to get a hold of Nintendo tomorrow, and maybe skip History of Modern Japan. I dunno, though, about skipping. Sony has just been a nightmare, though. I've spent probably 2 hrs trying to navigate through their phone numbers, only to get people to direct me to another number thats just more tech support. Finally, one guy directs me to a bum link. So at that point, I've given up. I sent an e-mail to someone at Kotaku, and hopefully they'll respond kindly. Now to take a nice shower and hopefully relax enough to get some more work done.

9/2/06 04:03 pm


On the upper lefthand corner, you should be able to watch a 30-second clip of the Bleach dub. Ichigo and Rukia. Neither of them sound too bad, actually. Both characters could sound a little manlier, though.

8/29/06 01:11 pm

So, I've moved into my dorm room. It's slightly larger than my half of the split double from last year. Nonetheless, I've got all my crap together, and I think I'll enjoy living here. I need another chair, though. Otherwise, people have to climb up into my bed in order to sit down. That or the floor. Oh, and there's about 16" between my face and the cieling at night.

Go here for picturepaloozaCollapse )

Brad has teh Netflix again! Yay! And they even saved my old queue from when I used to have it. So I'm getting sent Bubba Ho-Tep, The Big Lebowski, and Wake Up Ron Burgundy! first. Whoo, I'm gonna be watchin' movies like crazy now. Does anyone else have it? I want netflix friends!

So far, with my classes:

Japanese 3 - Teacher: "No class tuesdays." Cha-ching.
Food Science - 85 year old teacher who's grumpy and hilarious. Also, no real lectures, just multimedia we have to watch on our own time, and then cooking in lab. More sweetness.
Principles and Practices of TRF - I have to read the Wall Street Journal every day T_T

Coming up:
Intro to Neuroscience
History of Modern Japan

I've been working on translating this bit of text from Japanese to English, and I keep getting sidetracked with this whole "moving" thing. Hopefully I can actually finish it, since I keep slacking off otherwise.

Off to get my I-9 done! Funtimes.

8/26/06 12:26 am - Update to come

I'm in my dorm, its tiny, and I am too gigantic for my bed. Pics and moving-stories to follow. After I sleep and eat.

8/20/06 08:02 pm


New article. I hope you enjoy.

8/15/06 05:42 pm - New Article


Hope you enjoy my high-quality graphics. Figured out my weekend reading article, and this time, I'll post on sunday. Sunday articles get the most reads, usually.

8/12/06 01:06 pm

Well, I had already wrote part of my Case for Educational Games article. http://www.destructoid.com/the-case-for-educational-games

So, I now have a couple of thoughts going around in my head, none of which I'm sure I can develop into a good article. One thought is about why U.S. markets get screwed out of all the collectibles and special features in games that Japan gets. Another thought is to continue on with my educational games article, and talk about why games that are more based around educating aren't available. But eh, I'll figure something out. Any suggestions from y'all?

8/11/06 10:59 pm


Enjoying the new icon? Found it on Destructoid :D

8/11/06 01:13 pm

I have one more day of Chem class, and that's the test. It's on Nuclear Power, Plastics, and Nutrition. 3 very closely related topics. Then I will be free!!! And then I leave for Syracuse on Friday, August 25.

So now that we're 3 sessions into the Supers game, I've started to get the hang of it. I at least know how to make enemies that are going to be a challenge for the group. I've also got the backbone of the plot figured out. Now, the problem is coming up with situations that aren't just THUNDER FORCE vs. VILLAN X, but rather environmental conflicts, internal conflicts, and all those other things that comic book heroes have to deal with.

I've been feeling a bit "blah" recently, and I'm not too sure why. I know I'm excited for the school year coming up, 'cause it'll be a blast and all. Eh, who knows.

I've started reading Sandman Mystery Theatre, which is actually really good. It's a remake of an old 1940's comic, and its really unique.

I'm really excited about Destructoid as time goes by. I love the site and the community, and I know we can make it big. We just need support. I'm finishing up an article now about how to make a good movie video game (I'll post it and link to it tomorrow), and now I want to work on a bit of an "epic" article, entitled "The Case for Educational Games"/"The Case for Education in Games", since it can be interpreted one way or the other. It's something I really need to sit down and ponder, but I'll try my best to make it a fabulous article for Destructoid. It probably won't be done for a month or so, as it seems right now.

7/31/06 08:02 pm

Well, my 19th birthday has come and gone. The spoils?

DS Lite
Brain Age
Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
Godzilla: Final Wars
Batman Begins
Naked Pictures of Famous People by Jon Stewart
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime by...gah. The book's downstairs.
Guitar Hero (From Joyce)
Castlevania: Lament of Innocence (From Joyce)

At dinner, somehow my mom's steak ended up medium well, while mine ended up rare, so we switched. Boo. We got a Blizzard cake from DQ, which was extra yummy. Yay!

So, I've been on a comic book fix for the last month or so. I blame Dan. But I've been reading a lot, and it's fun. Continue on for a summary of what I've been readingCollapse )

Dakota isn't doing too well. We're actually getting to the point where we have to consider putting him down. About 2 weeks ago, he wouldn't eat for a week. Now he's eating canned food 3x a day. When we took him to the vet today, he had still lost 6 lbs in 2 weeks. God, that'll be a sad day.

I think I'll be getting to work on doing some LJ icons within the week.

7/25/06 11:34 am

Gah, the ending of Valley of the Dolls sucked. I hated it, truly. The rest of the book was good, though. Now to read Caves of Steel by Asimov.

Oh, forgot to mention that I got a DS Lite for my birthday about a week ago. Brain Age and Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow with it. Yay!

7/24/06 04:27 pm


Wow, my article actually brought up a bunch of hate. Thankfully Morty came to my defense. I guess I have to start getting a tough skin about writing these articles. It hurts a bunch, especially after going through a bunch of the shit today, but I'll survive. Somehow. At least I learned that I just need to cover my bases a bit more. I think I did pretty well, but people tend to just pick 5 things and then that's it, thinking it should be enough to completely contradict me. Any suggestions for another article?

So, I was down at Cashman's place at LBI a weekend ago, and had some fun with his cousins, Dan, and Dave. It was fun, talked some video game stuff. Decided to put Pirates on haitus and I'll be GMing Supers.

I've started reading Marvel's Civil War and DC's 52 Weeks. So far I like Civil War, but Spiderman is a punk. I haven't gotten to start 52 Weeks yet, but I hope for it to be good. I've finished reading Batman: Year One, and I'm loving it. I also picked up War Drums, War Games Vol. 1, and War Crimes. Apparently, War Drums precedes War Games, which is followed by War Crimes. I didn't know this. I bought War Games Vol. 1, and read it. Then I got War Drums/Crimes. I look on the back of Crimes, and there's the big spoiler for War Games. T_T I'm in a Batman mood recently. I'd like to watch the original, Batman Returns, and Batman Begins. Hmm...I'll go look for it in the basement.

I'm determined to finish Valley of the Dolls tonight. I hope the ending is good. It's been a somewhat wrenching turn for the heart reading it.

I wonder if anything is going to happen for my birthday. I don't bother making plans for it, because I don't wanna force people to remember. I'd rather be surprised by having people actively remember it. But then again posting here is kinda counter-productive. Meh.

NYC was fun. It was good to see Dana and Brad again. I'm kinda excited to go back to SU now...

Hopefully this week'll get better. Which I seriously doubt will happen.

7/23/06 12:15 pm - US Bleach Cast Announced

Ichigo -> Vash the Stampede VA: Johnny Yong Bosch
Rukia -> Chii VA: Michelle Ruff
Inoue -> Hinata VA: Stephanie Sheh
Ishida -> Shino VA:Derek Stephen Prince


7/17/06 01:29 pm


I got a new article on Destructoid. Any ideas for my next one?

7/12/06 05:33 pm

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